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What's going on in NQ project?

Next milestone:

The next milestone is the release 1.0 of NQ Core Library, that will be the main stable and ready-to-use release.

Following features have already been introduced on the way to NQ Core 1.0:
  • Declarative auto-creation and injection of service instances and AttachLists (better support for dependency injection through constructors) (since 0.90)
  • Introduction of an alternative component loader that reads XML files to get component and service declarations instead of class attributes. (since 0.90)
  • A new, more intuitive fluent interface for the Service Manager (since 0.90)
  • NQ doesn't use string-based service names any more, instead services are identified by special marker interfaces. (since 0.95)
  • Instances of services are now created using dynamically compiled lambda expressions instead of reflection (much better performance of auto-injection feature). (since 0.95)

Following further features are planned NQ Core 1.0:
  • Extended logging mechanism
  • More customization of service instantiation process.

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